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Yotsuba tries out more careers, first as an office worker by writing memos, then as a milkman, delivering a bottle of milk to Fuka at her high school. For riding off without permission, Koiwai takes away her bicycle privileges, but after she helps him and Jumbo build some bookshelves, he restores them.

Ena and Miura show Yotsuba how to make a paper-cup telephone, which they string between Koiwai's office and Fuka's bedroom, and then take her on a bike ride to the playground of their elementary school. Because of Yotsuba's continuing interest in how milk is produced, Koiwai plans a trip to a farm, but this is put off when she gets a fever.

Yotsuba helps Fuka and Fuka's classmate Hiwatari, nicknamed Miss Stake bake an elaborate cake as practice for their school cultural festival. When Koiwai wants instant ramen for lunch, Yotsuba insists on running the errand by herself for the first time. Koiwai, Jumbo, and Yanda take Yotsuba on her long-delayed farm visit, where she meets sheep and learns how to milk a cow.

Still excited from her trip to the dairy farm, Yotsuba brings the Ayases a souvenir of butter toffees and is fascinated by Mrs. Ayase's mail-order catalog. Ayase tells Koiwai about the cart-pulling festival the following week, while Yotsuba confuses him with her "opposites game.

Yotsuba and Koiwai attend the cultural festival at Fuka's high school, where Yotsuba is disappointed with the plain pound cake her class serves. Yotsuba is excited by her first typhoon, and insists on going next door in the torrential downpour. When Fuka warns her that she will fly away in the wind, Yotsuba goes back outside to test this.

Jumbo babysits Yotsuba while Koiwai is out, and when Yanda shows up to eat his instant ramen, he helps Yotsuba defends the house from the "intruder". Yotsuba and Ena help pull a children's cart in the aforementioned festival, where Yotsuba is visibly impressed by the happi , the taiko drum, Jumbo's tengu costume, exposed butts , and the amount of candy she receives.

Koiwai takes Yotsuba shopping for autumn clothes, but when they pass a park she insists on collecting as many acorns as she can. Story date: 7 October [56] 8 October [57] 9 October [58] 10 October [59] 11 or 12 October [60] the next day morning [61] the same day afternoon [62]. While Koiwai works, Yotsuba plans out a schedule for the day, but immediately falls behind and plays with her acorns instead. The next day, Dad takes Yotsuba shopping for a coffee maker at a mall, and while there buys Yotsuba her first teddy bear, which she names Juralumin.

The next day, she shows Juralumin to the Ayases, who give Yotsuba Ena's old wagon to carry it in. To help Fuka study, Yotsuba brings her a mug of her father's coffee, but spills it on the table. One of Jumbo's customers invites him to her yakiniku shop's half-off night, and he brings Yanda and Koiwai along.

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When Yotsuba again drops the coffee she tries to bring to Fuka, the Ayase sisters visit her house. While there, they clean up and Asagi invites Yotsuba and Koiwai along to a hot air balloon festival the next day. The Koiwais, Asagi, Ena, and Torako get up before dawn to drive to the festival, where they watch the balloons inflate and take off on a race.

After breakfast, they ride in a balloon, play with hand helicopters, and collect candy thrown by a paraglider.

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Story date: 13 or 14 October [66] 15 October [67] later that day [68] 16 October [69] the same day [70] date uncertain date uncertain. Story date: 20 October [73] date uncertain 23 October [74] 25 or 26 October [75] date uncertain date uncertain Weekday, date uncertain [76]. Story date: Weekday, date uncertain [76] 30 October [79] 30 October [80] [81] 31 October [82] 1 November [83] 1 November [83].

A short opening sequence shows Yotsuba drawing Danbo in chalk on the street before noticing migrating geese flying overhead.

Yotsubato! Vol.8 Chapter 49 : Yotsuba & Opposite summary

She welcomes Torako to the Ayase household where she shows off her photographs and learns to tie a bow. After arriving to the flower shop too late to help Jumbo paint a desk, Yotsuba finds a can of blue paint in the shoe rack at home and paints a kitchen table while her dad is working, staining her hands and leaving drips and blue footprints throughout the house. She futilely tries to clean up the mess and is confronted by her dad, who laughs instead of scolding her. Before Mr. Koiwai shows her how to use paint thinner , they go to the grocery to purchase ingredients for mapo tofu and a helmet from the bike shop.

On Halloween, Fuuka and Miss Stake dress Yotsuba as a pumpkin, explaining how to ask for candy before also dressing in costume to go trick-or-treating together. Early the next morning, Miura's mom and Ena's parents see them off for a camping trip organized by Jumbo and Koiwai. Yotsuba is unpleasantly surprised to learn that Yanda has invited himself along, but ends up laughing at his jokes on the journey.

click here At the campsite, the girls help pitch the tent, rest in a hammock, and cook curry for lunch. For dinner, they grill the meat given as a present by the parents and Yotsuba wakes early the next day, surprised by the sunrise simultaneous with the moonset. Story date: date uncertain [86] date uncertain 4 November [87] 5 November [88] 6 November [89] 6 November [90] 7 November [91] 8 November [92].

Yotsuba heads over to the Ayase house early in the morning, where she shows off her souvenirs and demonstrates the sleeping bag for Asagi. Because her dad says he is too busy, Yotsuba bullies Fuuka into taking her to the park, where they meet her friend Mii and play in the sandbox, making taiyaki and pudding with sand molds. After her dad puts her to bed, Yotsuba wakes up and explores the dark house before finding her father working. The next morning, Ena helps Yotsuba decorate the house for her grandmother's visit before Yotsuba and her father meet her grandmother at the train station, who Yotsuba attempts to greet with a headbutt.

Once they are home, Yotsuba receives souvenirs from her grandma. In the morning, Yotsuba helps her grandmother clean the street in front of the house and later, they clean the house once her grandmother believes Yotsuba is taking cleaning seriously. Yotsuba and her grandmother practice origami with Ena and run errands together before her grandmother has to leave, which Yotsuba attempts to prevent by hiding her luggage.

The next day, Yotsuba is sweeping the street in front of the house when Yanda arrives and helps himself to the grilled onigiri Yotsuba had made with her grandmother; at bedtime, Koiwai transforms into Sleepyman to put Yotsuba to sleep. Story date: date uncertain date uncertain date uncertain 22 November [95] 23 November [96] [97] 23 November 23 November.

After helping Koiwai move a new table upstairs, Jumbo presents Yotsuba with a set of beads ; an intense necklace-making session ensues for the trio.

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Miss Stake invites Fuuka and Yotsuba to join her for a free trial session of yoga ; as the older girls struggle, Yotsuba exhibits astonishing flexibility. Yotsuba reads the story of Cinderella ; inspired, she ties ribbons to her hair and is infuriated when Koiwai fails to see her fancy long hair. Going next door, Asagi immediately recognizes her as a princess and makes a fancy dress for Yotsuba using plastic trash bags; after she returns home for her bead necklace, Koiwai makes up for his earlier faux pas by asking the self-proclaimed Princess Zapunzel for a dance.

The day before their trip to Tokyo, Yotsuba asks her neighbors and friends for places to go; Mother Ayase suggests Ginza , Asagi suggests Shibuya and Shinjuku , Ena suggests Tokyo Tower , and Fuuka suggests Harajuku specifically to eat crepes, which she calls stylish. Torako suggests Daikanyama but then gloomily asserts there are no fun places for kids in Tokyo. To prepare for their trip, Koiwai buys a smartphone and Yotsuba accompanies him to buy a sushi dinner at the market.

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Jumbo and Yanda visit later that evening to help Koiwai with his new phone and ask Yotsuba where she would like to visit when they arrive in Tokyo. The pair stop in Harajuku for cotton candy and crepes, and then Koiwai gets a text message from his sister Koharuko suggesting they all meet in Yoyogi Park. At the park, Yotsuba spies on three women dressed as aliens, who she successfully convinces to not destroy the earth. Jumbo Takashi Takeda : A friend of the family, Jumbo keeps showing up to help them move in, or to do other random things.

He's a wee bit girl obsessed though, and falls for Ayase's older sister, Asagi.

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Ayase: Yotsuba's neighbor and the middle daughter. She is in High School, incredibly polite and helpful, and often left to take care of Yotsuba in some way or another. Asagi: Ayase's older sister, in College and very pretty.

She's a bit more twisted and prone to teasing Yotsuba without Yotsuba understanding that she's being teased. However, you can tell she has a true affection for the girl and is overall very kind to Yotsuba. Ena: Ayase's youngest sister, she often plays with Yotsuba and is very kind and tolerant as well. Quality of Writing:The writing really works wonders on making Yotsuba both really likable and really childlike. These are quick, entertaining reads Ending:This is the first in a series of I am not sure how many Each chapter is Yotsuba discovering a new thing This continues through the entire book, each chapter not directly connected to the chapter before it.

I think this helps to make it more childlike and cute Plot:It's a simple plot revolving around each chapter having us follow Yotsuba discovering something new. Her story is progressed just in so far as she is slowly learning about the world around her Truthfully, I picked this series up because I saw so many people on the internet raving about it, and wanted to know what the deal was. What I didn't realize, until after I'd finished this first volume, was that it is by the creator of Azumanga Daioh Nothing happened, it was just a bunch of girls running around being dumb These characters have an endearing, honest quality, and are genuinely funny.

However, if you're looking for an intensely deep plot with layers and layers of meaning It truly is VERY light-hearted. The characters are adorable,.