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Not God contains anecdotes and excerpts from the diaries, correspondence, and occasional memoirs of AA's early figures. A book of fresh meditations, Morning Light offers beautifully written bursts of inspiration to help you begin each day with renewed self-confidence and serenity. Family members learn how to be sane and productive life while living in the midst of a chemicallly dependent person.

On the outside: the unity triangle and the words of Bill W. Bob, "Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Designed as an aid for the study of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, The Little Red Book contains many helpful topics for discussion meetings. Your favorite biker has worked hard to stay clean and sober. This roadworthy, rugged key fob makes it possible to bring a treasured medallion along for the ride. Fragile Power is a revealing exploration of people whose wealth, fame, beauty, and social status grant them immense power.

Celebrity culture drives us to aspire to be like the few who seem to have figured out how to have it all. But is it possible that they simultaneously have everything and nothing at all? The front and back sides of this bookmark contain the timelessly familiar poem about Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Clients learn how removing character defects prepares them to play a more enlightened role in life.

This book offers six guiding principles that are key to lasting recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It will help you understand why they're important, how they relate to the Twelve Steps, and why they work.

The Scientific Study of Personal Wisdom

With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for People with Co-occurring Disorders, clients develop the knowledge and skills to continue practicing evidence-based CBT techniques on their own. Addressing the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, Glad Day speaks to the issues that touch everyone, regardless of sexual orientation: change, fear, self-disclosure, faith in a power greater than ourselves, success and failure, openness to ourselves and others.

Written with a poet's grace, these daily meditations are interwoven A compelling resource, with a focus on Steps One through Five, for people in recovery from co-occurring disorders. Values and Responsibilities, one of the Personal Growth topics of Living Skills, helps clients better align their actions with ideals and ethics that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The Living Skills workbooks contain exercises to help participants revisit what they learned, while also diving deeper to apply the concepts to their own lives.

A straightforward leaflet that explains the signs of compulsive gambling and where compulsive gamblers and concerned others can find help. The essential book on Al-Anonfamily groups. Clouds on a blue background on the front of this bookmark with the Twelve Steps; back lists the Twelve Traditions.

Refusal Skills, one of the Personal Growth topics of Living Skills, gives clients the tools to establish and maintain strong personal boundaries.

Top Secrets of Success and the Pillars of Self-Mastery : All For You.

It helps clients to reflect on and remember what they learn, think, and feel during the group sessions and as they continue to practice the skills of recovery between sessions. The meditation book of choice for those in Narcotics Anonymous. Day by Day features a daily meditation, suggested action, and a place to write a daily goal. This special book offers fifty-two weeks of reflections, prayers, and meditations on the Eleventh Step.

Crafted by writer William G. Borchert from notes by Geno W. How do we unlock and experience the teachings of Step Eleven? Herb K.

How to Design a Life – Debbie Millman (#214)

Craig Nakken, author of the best-selling book The Addictive Personality, gives readers in recovery the model and tools needed to make life decisions in the pursuit of good. He offers 41 universally accepted principles, paired as positive and negative counterparts that guide behavior. The Complete Lifelines Trilogy is a unique collection of programs for middle and high school students to address the important topic of teen suicide: from prevention to intervention to response. This newly revised version includes updated language and new topics to reflect today's youth culture.

Included in this collection are three programs: Lifelines Cornerstones provide the foundation for growth and strength. This collection of daily readings was designed specifically for men who are new to recovery or are working to move beyond the internal roadblocks that prevent true personal evolution in recovery. Overall health and wellness are supported by the author's artful exploration of the common aspects In the days of healing and joy that lie ahead, let this book of daily meditations speak to those in recovery, instilling hope and confidence and courage.

A year's worth of quotations, meditations, and closing thoughts. Interpersonal Skills, part of the Personal Growth segment of Living Skills, helps clients effectively manage and maintain relationships with others in a healthy, productive manner. The workbooks contain exercises to help participants revisit what they learned, while also diving deeper to apply the concepts to their own lives. The use of medications has been integrated with the evidence-based, world-class Twelve Step facilitation As a daily reminder to look forward to each new day, this greeting card depicts a sunrise and the serenity prayer on the front.

The inside is blank for your personal message. Part of the popular Pocket Power series, Freedom from Fear helps clients deal with the strong emotion of fear in recovery. Harrowing and wrenching, Broken paints a picture of a man with every advantage who nonetheless found himself spiraling into a dark and life-threatening abyss.

But unlike other memoirs of its kind, Broken emerges into the clear light of Moyers' recovery as he dedicates his life to changing the politics of addiction. Take the fear out of taking a Fifth Step by clearly understanding the purpose, intent, and benefits. Store your favorite medallions, prized letters or messages, special items of jewelry, and other treasured recovery keepsakes in this beautiful Serenity Prayer trinket box.

It deals with the violence and trauma they have experienced, as well as any they may have perpetrated.

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This four-level model of violence Refocus on the basics of Twelve Step recovery with these daily readings. Written in a clear and graceful voice by an old-timer. A powerful workbook that allows clients to personalize how and why they have been violent and how they can become capable of controlling their anger. Identifying Violence in My Life helps men see how violence starts in life.

Written for adults who were raised as children in dysfunctional families, Adult Children of Alcoholics details the 13 most common characteristics of adult children, provides an excellent guide for personal growth, and suggests topics for recovery group discussion. Helps those in recovery look closely at their anger so they can make important changes in their behavior. A powerful, illuminating book, The Spirituality of Imperfection brings together the wisdom stories of many traditions and faiths.

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This quick guide, you will learn twenty easy techniques, to help you control your stresses in five minutes or less. The author of the recovery mainstay 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery offers a fresh list of "smart" things to do to attain and sustain emotional sobriety. This combined workbook and journal provides a gentle introduction to the healing power of journaling. This brief, easy-to-read pamphlet provides information on a variety of topics related to Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addiction PTSD and addiction, treatment, and recovery. It's a helpful take-home tool for clients and family members to use between sessions.

These meditations guide us to the strength and courage within ourselves that is necessary to face the lingering shadows of sex addiction. With the inspiration and support unique to Hazelden meditation books, Answers in the Heart provides solace for the pain and inspiration for lasting recovery. Making Decisions, one of the Personal Growth topics of Living Skills, shows clients how to make wise decisions and carry through with them to maintain a healthy life.

More than 75 AA members from all over the world describe the wide diversity of convictions implied in "God as we understand Him.

Table of contents

In symbols and words, this bookmark lists all the reasons why you keep coming back: hope, honesty, willingness, love, and more. In this simple and often funny guide, the author interprets the philosophies and stories of the Big Book in straightforward language that speaks to regular people.

kamishiro-hajime.info/voice/espionner-iphone/logiciel-espion-blackberry-z10.php John will help you connect with the basic messages of getting honest with yourself, accepting the help of others, and finding a relevant spiritual support. While you're on the go, carry with you the important values of the Serenity Prayer with this Serenity Prayer Travel Mug. Spanish version of the basic text of Narcotics Anonymous. This fun coloring book teaches children in grades K-3 what bullying is, how to prevent bullying behaviors, and what to do if they are bullied or witness a schoolmate being bullied. The newly compiled 12 Step Prayer Book offers adapted and traditional prayers to complement any Twelve Step program or any mindful recovery experience.

Collected and compiled from varied authors, faiths, and lifestyles, these prayers of strength and healing will give you a thought for each day. These are the faithful words of the world.

As you breathe in that rich aroma of your morning coffee, be reminded that acceptance is the answer to all your problems with the Acceptance Prayer from The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.