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What if we draw something bad? What if no one likes what we draw? We fear the act of drawing, the unknown of drawing, and the reception of our drawings. The reality is that you will draw bad things. As my classes have progressed, my thoughts on creativity and drawing have expanded and deepened. What is most important? How do you get them over that hump? You can ask me a question, and I can tell you my answer, but it might not be your answer.

I can show you how I would draw the composition, but it might not be how you would draw the composition.

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I think I can be most effective as a teacher by creating a space where you feel you can share your art, and receive encouragement and inspiration from others, mixed in with lessons, suggestions, and tips. In this space, the information and knowledge will be shared among students and teacher who is really also a student and the core will be an atmosphere of experimentation and learning together.

The lessons and exercises will give you the seed, and then together we will continue to water the tree. But there is no one magic seed. Talent is made.

You’re Wrong. You CAN Draw.

Talent is grown. Talent comes from hard work.

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When you begin learning to draw, you will be bad. Bad at drawing, bad at sitting down to draw, and bad at knowing what to draw.

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Because if you have the encouragement, and the acceptance of failure, you can draw. You can empower yourself and take control of your creativity.

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You can draw just for fun. You can draw to alleviate anxiety. You can draw to create worlds. You can draw to make people laugh. You can draw to tell stories. You can draw to clear your mind. You can draw. With encouragement and acceptance of failure, you gain freedom. Who cares what looks right or wrong? It is common that the work we create in childhood, receiving high praise, is then cast off as unnecessary and frivolous by well-intentioned loved ones, as we stumble toward adulthood. It comes as little surprise that people give up on their harmless doodling at such a young age, and eventually forget that they ever had an artistic streak.

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Introducing The Daily Drawing Project — a series of exercises that will help hot-wire you into becoming an habitual illustrator. This project is not your usual learn to draw guide, and I have a very good reason for this. I want you to get back to where you last left off when you were twelve.

Time to make daily drawing a habit. The first step is to create a daily drawing journal that will document your drawing progress over the next few weeks and months. You could carry it around in your everyday use tote bag Me? Or it could be kept in that spot next to your keys, or your bedside table with all your other favourite things. So now what! You begin by coming up with ideas of what you want to draw. Keep it simple, by drawing objects that you see around you. Starting a new habit is easy, day one, day two, maybe day three. But staying on track and doing a drawing a day consistently for three weeks can be difficult.

Most especially if your goal is to do drawings in days.

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Then four days of drawing. You will then have been keeping your drawing journal for two weeks.

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At the end of this roll out you will have been drawing in your journal for three whole weeks. Three weeks is the perfect number, because that is how long it takes to cement a new habit. Tip: Do not fret if you should miss a day. Because, guess what! Life is going to happen. If you miss a day, just know that you can get back onto that drawing horse the next day.

If you are really quite determined to draw exactly images in days, you can do two drawings in one day, to make up for the lost day.

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The second, is to have fun. I mean really have fun. Creating art is a combination of work, rest and play. And you really do not need to hear that. Remember, this drawing journal is about you, and for you. It is not a competition, and you are not doing this to prove anything.